About the Artist

Chuck McCoy

Chuck McCoy lives in Denver, Colorado.

In years past I've traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico, worked with a master printer and produced works on paper that reflected my thoughts and moods at the time. Using a vocabulary of color and composition I improvise on a theme that comes to me at the moment of creation, incubated during the drive through Colorado and New Mexico. I've found, through trial and error, that it's better not to start with a pre-conceived notion of the final result. Like a jazz musician I prefer to riff off of standards and be surprised at the results. The moment of revealing the finished piece as the paper runs through the press can be surprising and if you're lucky very fulfilling.

Recently I've printed at Open Press in Denver. The drive isn't as long but the creative process is the same.

In addition to the monotypes I'm working in a new area for me —digital inkjet printing. cnc cutting and laser engraving on painted and prepared panels. I think I'm getting some good things out of it.

Now I'm retired from the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities after a long stint as graphic designer. I really enjoyed my time there, for the variety of projects, but more for the people I got to work with. You should go there sometime.